Spinner 2 1650mAh 3.3-4.8v Twist Variable Voltage Vape Battery +USB Charger

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  •  Vision Spinner 2 Battery 1650 Adjustable Voltage 3.3~4.8V Spinner II 510 Thread for Mini Protank 1 2 3 MT3


  • To turn on/off click button 5 times in two seconds.
  • To adjust voltage, rotate the bottom dial 


  • If the button displays a White color when the battery is on, that indicates a remaining 60%-100% in battery power 
  • If the battery displays a Blue color when battery is on, it indicates a remaining 30%-60% battery power left 
  •  If the button displays an orange color when the battery is on, that indicates a remaining 0%-30% in battery power ( that means its time to charge your battery!)
  • If The button flashes fifteen times in a mixed pattern color that means theres no power at all left in battery and it can no longer function without being properly charged again 


  • Built in Short circuit protection - when the battery is on, in case of a short circuit which usually happens if the user operates the battery wrongly during the installation of a Atomizer onto the battery connection or improperly connecting a usb charger to the battery unit, the button will flash three times and stop working temporarily until the condition causing the short circuit is removed 
  • Working time protection - when the battery is on, if the button is pressed non stop for more than eight seconds straight then the button flashes five times and shuts down the output instantly 
  • Charging time - The vision Spinner II, with the large capacity of 1600mAh, requires about 4 to 5 hours to be fully recharged if charging from zero power.
  • The Vision Spinner II like all ego & 510 batteries, requires a standard usb charger of 420mah as well as a wall adapter of 500mah output. Any use of non-standard chargers with higher outputs such as iPhone & android chargers, can likely damage the battery and cause unwanted consequences therefore the use of non standard chargers on Vision Spinner II's is strictly prohibited and immediately invalidates the warranty.


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