Click-n-Vape Pipe w/Built-in Torch Lighter Sneak a Toke

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The Click-n-Hit (Click n Vape) pipe is quite possibly the best innovation in decades that will definitely change the way you smoke, forever. Just load the Click-n-Vape up with your favorite legal herb or pipe tobacco then Click-n-Hit. Smoke any time with the click of a button.

Easy one handed operation for smoking on the go.

The Click-n-Hit (Click n Vape) is a portable “mock vaporizer style” (meaning: looks like a vape) smoking pipe device, complete with a built-in wind-proof refillable butane torch lighter, and is basically a pipe and lighter combo. This Click-n-Vape is not your traditional vaporizer and should not be confused with vaporizing since it uses a direct flame to ignite the smoking substance as opposed to vaporizing it.  


One step operation! Just click and inhale!

  • Portable Pipe w/Built-in Pen Torch Lighter : Weight: 2 oz
  • Compact lighter: size of a regular cigar. Height: 5"(13 cm) and Width: 0.7"(1.8 cm).
  • A better alternative for those who like to “smoke” as opposed to “vape.”
  • Butane Gas powered: no battery that requires charging
  • Includes a factory installed volcanic stone filter for smooth delivery
  • Portable and also “Stash-able”. Fits in your pocket for easy portability
  • Compact, discreet, and efficient
  • Torch flame can be manually adjusted.
  • Wind-resistant flame

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